Mining for Hidden Treasures Article by Saeed Mubarak

It requires mining to get the treasure. In the oil business for instance, exploration, drilling, and completion have to be done before getting the first drop of oil (Treasure). These are all efforts done to get that drop and sometimes explorers end up getting nothing. It is really rare to find such treasures without “drilling”.

There is not a big difference between career or personal experiences as both resemble exploratory journeys to discover the sources of treasures. One would need to mine in his/her own “mind” for treasures too; and that takes time and effort.

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Digital Oilfield Virtual Summit ,span> Online, 18/19th October 2011

StepChange Global gave a paper at the Digital Oilfield Virtual Summit, in October 2011.

This was a fully virtual online conference and exhibition dedicated to information and communications technologies supporting the Digital Oilfield.  Supporters include Energistics, Microsoft and other industry leaders – see the event prospectus at

Drowning under the Data Deluge Write-up of IDOC 2011

May 2011 – Oil and Gas Middle East / Oil 2:0

How can oil companies avoid drowning under the data deluge digital fields deliver? Oil and Gas Middle East meets the industry leaders and key National Oil Company staff charge with the formidable task of integrating intelligent fields into the real world of oil production

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