Real-time drilling processes and technologies now support all stages of the well life cycle, from drilling and completion, through multiple workovers and interventions, on to the well plug and abandon processes.  These processes and technologies can be applied to all types of hydrocarbon assets, including: onshore, offshore, oil, gas, condensate, exploration, appraisal, development, greenfield, brownfield, unconventional,  and HPHT

The ongoing digitisation of the drilling process has been driven by the strong cost focus of operators, as well as the retirement of many experienced drilling personnel during the recent oil and gas downturn, as part of the forecast "great crew change" in oil and gas.

In the new digital drilling landscape, providing the correct, high quality data and information in real time to all the domain experts involved with well-bore drilling and completion processes supports and enables better decision making, both at the remote rig site and within the operator and service company facilities.

The StepChange Global team has decades of experience in digital drilling, including;

  • Project and Programme Management for your current or planned real-time operations (RTO) strategy
  • Assessment of current and future business requirements for RTO
  • A demonstrable track record for the design, implementation and delivery of RTO facilities around the globe
  • People, process and organisational change readiness and change management capabilities
  • Start-up and post start up sustainability and continuous improvement programmes
  • Definition and development of real-time enabled drilling processes and workflows
  • Experience with real-time drilling data:
    • exchange standards
    • tender contracts 
    • software solutions
  • Piloting and deployment of real-time enabled drilling technologies and solutions


The Stepchange Global offering in real-time drilling operations includes everything from strategy definition and alignment to subsequent project and programme  implementation.  We can help with the design, technology and hardware sourcing, delivery and implementation of drilling support centres.  We also have domain expertise in the required management of change processes for the successful implementation and adoption of real-time drilling facilities as well as data and information technologies.

Application of Technology

From the concept of the digital twin, through the automation of key drilling processes and real-time Edge computing deployments at the well site, the digitised drilling rig is a reality. We can help you source, assess, rank, select and then deploy the chosen real-time drilling hardware, software solutions, real-time services and digital technologies that address your business requirements and well operations.