Management of Change for Operational Performance Improvement

A successful DOF or IO programme, where the environment is populated and used in a way that realises the full commercial and operational potential, requires major transformation in the way that people work.  This new way of working is by definition people-centric but can initially be difficult to accept.  Individuals will have to forge new relationships, be ready to give and receive additional assistance and make interventions.

To accept and embrace these changes requires people to act and behave in a way which could make them feel uncomfortable and even vulnerable.  Without these changes, it would be all too easy to accept new technology but use it in a limited way that simply improves existing relationships rather than embracing it to develop new ones. In the creation of a collaborative environment you are providing the opportunity for wider personal interaction, which requires individuals to feel confident and comfortable that these associations will help support them in achieving their goals and not serve to expose their limitations.

Managing Change

Stepchange Global is able to manage significant transformational change within an organisation, alongside the implementation of the other aspects of DOF or IO.  The team understands the benefits of change, and is able to articulate those to the people involved - not just at corporate level, but at a personal level.  They understand the drivers and resistors to change, and how to plan and deploy a successful programme for change.

Leadership, Targets and Goals

Increased collaboration with teams often means that the role played by the leader will need to be evaluated, and, if necessary, to change.  They need to be able to articulate clearly the SMART goals required for a successful outcome, and have the ability to acknowledge and reward the input of their team.