The Art of Intelligent Energy (iE) – Insights and Lessons Learned from the Application of iE

A R Edwards, Ø Mydland, A Henriquez


Intelligent Energy (iE) has been a major performance improvement initiative within many oil and gas companies for much of the last decade. It is therefore surprising to find that, although many companies have been successful, many continue to find it difficult to implement the change in the new way of working enabled by iE.

In particular companies have struggled to take pilot level programs and scale the implementation around a large and increasingly global organization.

This paper gives generic insights and lessons learned into the skilled practice of the application of iE drawn from experiences in several major oil and gas companies. It will explore such topics as:

  • the history and evolution of iE
  • value attainment and business cases
  • multi-dimensional integration
  • collaboration
  • leadership
  • scaling of iE across an organization
  • step by step implementation of capabilities
  • the role of a central team
  • an example of where many of the learning’s have been implemented
  • what is next for iE

It will also draw attention to some of the numerous pitfalls to be encountered along the way. It will finish by highlighting some of the new challenges and opportunities in iE.


The application of Intelligent Energy (iE) approaches for business performance improvement is becoming common place in many oil and gas companies and indeed across the sector. iE goes under various names in many companies. The most common term is Digital OilField of the Future (DOFF) which was coined by CERA in the early part of the decade and Integrated Operations (IO) which is the name used by the Norwegian shelf operators where much of the initial work was carried out. So what is the iE or DOFF? As yet there is no common industry definition. The most commonly used definition is that provided by CERA (Ref 1):

‘The vision for the Digital OilField is one where operators, partners, and service companies seek to take advantage of improved data and knowledge management, enhanced analytical tools, real-time systems, and more efficient business processes’.

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