Digital Transformation/Integrated Operations (IO) Consultancy and Advisory Services

Stepchange Global is the acknowledged leader in the implementation of DOF and IO strategy.  The team has practical experience, knows what a successful IO implementation looks like, and what challenges to expect.

IO is the integration of people,  work processes, organisations and information technology to make safer, smarter, faster decisions. It is enabled by global access to real-time information and collaborative working technologies, combined with the integration of expertise across disciplines, organisations and geographical locations.  Our DOF and IO implementation is based on certain principles and key concepts that have been developed over 15 years of DOF/IO implementation experience.

For an example of a project that Stepchange Global worked on with ConocoPhillips, click Here

Maximising Asset Value

IO changes a functional siloed way of working into an integrated organisation where teams focus on optimising oil production along the value chain.  Value is added through faster, improved decision-making, where higher quality decisions are able to be made based on data and information, having your best people involved with your decision, relocating work from the field to the office and removing people from harm’s way.

Business Case

Stepchange Global delivers value-adding capabilities to your operations and organisation in a short time-frame, with a typical payback time of less than 6 months for a DOF/IO implementation.