Organisational Change for IO

Integrated Operations involves a range of tools, technologies, systems and processes, that can dramatically improve production, but fundamentally, success comes from organisations, teams and people changing the way they work.

Enabling new behaviours that are required for a successful Integrated Operations way of working, especially across multiple geographically-dispersed teams, is challenging because working in an IO-enabled way is essentially a culture shift NOT a technology one, and dedicated effort is required in order to see the Integrated Operations vision successfully implementation and, more importantly, sustained long term.

As experts in Integrated Operations, we have seen numerous implementations that ultimately failed to succeed, because of a lack of attention on the impacted workforce, specifying how they were expected to change, defining the right organisational structure and accountabilities, and supporting them during their change journey. In most cases, there was a distinct lack of investment in organisational change, and this is the main reason for the failures.

Stepchange Global Offering

StepChange Global has worldwide expertise in supporting the necessary culture, organisation and behaviour change that is needed to successfully deploy Integrated Operations.

The support our global team can provide your integrated operations programmes ranges from supplying experienced change leads to manage the People & Organisational Change workstream, through to providing specific deliverable support (developing an IO Change Strategy, Behaviour Reinforcement Strategy, Communications & Engagement Plan etc.), or providing IO Change coaching for your team.

Stepchange Global Experience

Our experienced consultants have implemented multiple IO programmes worldwide, in Super Majors, National Oil Operators and Independent Energy Companies, and understand what it takes to successfully implement IO. We have supported clients in providing culture, organisation and behaviour change from Assessment through to Post-Implementation Support, and have consulted on both global IO Programmes, as well as Asset-specific IO Implementations.