Stepchange Global works with clients to deliver significant results through the management of people, process and organisational change, maximising the value from new and existing data and information technologies. With our support, you can embed a new, digitally enabled way of working that optimises performance, reduces non-productive time and increases operational flexibility.  We work independently of technology suppliers, and can therefore advise based on individual operational needs rather than from a technology bias.

Our services and expertise will enable you to respond to changing market conditions.  In a lean market, our minimum staffing models can support you in retaining a minimum workforce, thus reducing operational costs whilst retaining a competitive edge, and maintaining the flexibility needed to support your customer requirements, or to take advantage of new opportunities. In a more prosperous market where expertise is scarce we can support you to do more with less, enabling scalability, growth and increased opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a fully transformed workplace or simply to support individual asset teams, we can help.

HSE Exposure

Our minimum-staffing models and remote operations planning benefits both the company and the environment. Fewer hazardous environmental placements and less personnel travel reduces costs and exposure to HSE challenges, as well as having a positive impact on the environment.

Adding Value

Stepchange Global will enable you to create cost-effective, scalable operations with real-time, transparent control over assets.  Our emphasis on implementing remote operations will improve performance and competency while reducing your operational footprint.