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EAGE Digital <span>25-27th March 2024, Paris</span>
URTEC 2023 <span>4-6th December 2023, Buenos Aires</span>
MINEX Eurasia 2023 <span>27th November 2023, London</span>
MININGTECH South America <span>22-23 November 2023, Rio de Janeiro and Online</span>
MININGTECH North America <span>18-19 October 2023, Vancouver and Online</span>
SPE Digital Transformation Workshop <span> 13-14 September 2023, Rio de Janeiro</span>
Digitalization in Mining North America <span> 7-8 June 2023, Vancouver</span>
GLOBUC Go Digital Energy 2023 <span> 31 May – 1 June 2023, Amsterdam</span>
MINEX/Mine Goes Digital 2023 <span> 19-20 April 2023, Kazakhstan</span>
World Smart Utilities Summit<span> 2-3 March 2023, Berlin</span>
Webinar – What have we learned from the last 15 years of Digital Transformation?<span> 2nd March 2023, Online</span>
SPE Workshop: Digital Transformation<span> 21-22 June 2022, Rio de Janeiro</span>
Carbon Tracking and Reporting Europe 2022<span> 29-30th November, London</span>
Data Driven Oil and Gas USA 2022<span> 14-15th June 2022, Houston</span>
Go Digital Conference 2022<span> 7-8th June 2022, Amsterdam</span>
Digital Transformation in the context of Energy Transition<span> 2nd December 2021, Online</span>
Mineria Digital 2021<span> 10-12 November 2021, Online</span>
World Oil and Gas Digitalisation Summit<span> 9-10th September 2021</span>
SIBUR Online Round Table Session, Unmanned Technologies<span> 3rd June 2021</span>
DOFIAC 2020,<span> Online, 11th December 2020</span>
Future Oil and Gas,<span> Online, 1-2nd December 2020</span>
Exposibram 2020,<span> Online, 24-26th November 2020</span>
Digital Energy Leaders’ Summit,<span> Online, 19th November 2020</span>
MENA Energy Meet,<span> Online, 2-3rd November 2020</span>
Ops, Maintenance & Modification,<span>  28th October 2020</span>
DDDP 2020,<span> Online, 20-21st October 2020</span>
MINEX Russia 2020,<span> Online, 6-8th October 2020</span>
SPE Engenious,<span> Aberdeen, 22-24th September 2020</span>
Blockchain in Mining,<span> Online, 22nd September 2020</span>
DIT – Digital Technologies, Mining,<span> 21-25th September 2020</span>
Britain Leading the way to Net Zero?<span> 9th September 2020</span>
Department for International Trade,<span> Webinar, 10th July 2020</span>
SPE General Meeting,<span> 12th December 2019</span>
Digitalization and IO,<span> Moscow, 2-4th December 2019</span>
Digitalization and IO,<span> KL, 25 -27th November 2019</span>
Data Driven Production,<span> Aberdeen, 16-17th October 2019</span>
SPE ATCE,<span> Calgary, 30th September – 2nd October 2019</span>
Artificial Lift Optimisation,<span> Calgary, 25th September 2019</span>
Energy in Data,<span> Austin,17th-19th June 2019</span>
Data Driven Drilling & Production,<span> 11th-12th June 2019</span>
Digital Refining Summit<span> London, 5-6th June 2019</span>
Data Driven Drilling and Production North Sea<span> Aberdeen, 4-5th December 2018</span>
4TH ANNUAL IOT IN OIL & GAS CONFERENCE<span> September 18-19th 2018, Houston Texas  </span>
ENGenious 2018<span> Aberdeen, 4-6th September 2018</span>
Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference<span> Houston, Texas, 30-31st May 2018</span>
Blockchain IoT & Machine Learning<span> London, 22-23rd May 2018</span>
Landmark Well Construction Forum<span> Houston, London, 15-16th May 2018</span>
SPE On Demand Webinar<span> Digital Oilfield in Business, Recorded 7th December 2017 and available afterwards</span>
SPE On Demand Webinar<span> Change Management and how to practically implement DOF/IO, Recorded 9th November 2017 and available afterwards</span>
NG Oil and Gas, GDS Summit<span> Austin, Texas,1-3rd November 2017</span>
Fifth Digital Oilfield Summit Forum<span> Qingdao, China, 19-20th October 2017</span>
SPE On Demand Webinar<span> Change Management and how to practically implement DOF/IO, recorded 14th September 2017 and available afterwards</span>
What Have we learned in the first 15 Years of Digital Oilfield?<span> Online, from 16th August 2017</span>
Data Driven Production Conference<span> Houston, Texas 7-8th June 2017</span>
Big Data, IoT & Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Europe<span> London, UK, 23-24th May 2017</span>
SPE Intelligent Energy Oil and Gas Symposium<span> Abu Dhabi,9-10 May 2017</span>
IIoT and the Digital Oilfield: Making Data Actionable<span> Online, 9th November 2016</span>
Emerson Exchange – Accelerate your Learning<span> Austin, Texas, 24-28th October 2016</span>
Institution of Mechanical Engineers<span> London, 3rd October 2016</span>
Intelligent Energy<span> Aberdeen, UK, 6-8th September 2016</span>
Data Driven Production Conference<span> Houston, Texas, 7th June 2016</span>
Offshore Productions Operations Conference<span> Aberdeen, UK, 2-3rd December 2015</span>
Emerson Exchange<span> Denver, Colorado, 12-16th October 2015</span>
SPE Middle East Intelligent Oil and Gas<span> Abu Dhabi, 15-16th September 2015</span>
Data Driven Production Conference<span> Houston, Texas, 16-17th June 2015</span>
Oil and Gas UK Breakfast Briefing – Cost Efficiency<span> London, UK, 19th May 2015</span>
Cleantech Forum<span> Florence, Italy, 27-29th April 2015</span>
Technology Showcase<span> Aberdeen, UK, 4th March 2015</span>
IO Conference Science and Practice<span> Trondheim, Norway, 30th September-1st October 2014</span>
Global Forum on Digital Oilfields<span> Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11-12th September 2014</span>
IDOC<span> Abu Dhabi, 14-16th September 2014</span>
SPE Intelligent Energy<span> Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1-3rd April 2014</span>
SPE Abu Dhabi Section Meeting<span> 30th October 2013</span>
SPE Intelligent Energy International <span> Dubai, 28-30th October 2013</span>
IO13 – Science and Practice <span> Trondheim, Norway, 24-25th September 2013</span>
Autonomy in the Oil and Gas Industry <span> Stavanger, Norway, 6-7th March 2013</span>
Finding Petroleum <span> Kuala Lumpur, 23-25th November 2012</span>
International Conference on Integrated Operations <span> Trondheim, Norway, 25-26th September 2012</span>
International Digital Oilfields Conference <span> Muscat, Oman, 23-25th September 2012</span>
SPE Applied Technology Workshop <span> Bangalore, India, 19-22 June 2012</span>
Digital Oilfield Conference<span> London, 4th December 2012</span>
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition <span> Denver, Colorado, 30th October-2nd November 2011</span>
Digital Oilfield Virtual Summit <span> Online, 18-19th October 2011</span>
SPE Intelligent Energy Middle East <span> Bahrain, 3-6th October 2011</span>
Oil and Gas Technology Forum <span> London, 25-28th March 2011</span>
SPE Applied Technology Workshop<span> Abu Dhabi, 11-13th October 2010</span>
Emerson Global Users Exchange<span> San Antonio, Texas, 27th September – 1st October 2010</span>
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition<span> Tuscany, Italy, 20-22nd September 2010</span>
HP Executive Energy Conference<span> Dubai, 17-19th May 2010</span>
International Digital Oilfield Conference<span> Abu Dhabi, 19-21st April 2010</span
SPE Intelligent Energy 2010<span> Utrecht, The Netherlands, 23-25th March 2010</span>
Oil and Gas Innovation Workshop<Houston, 3rd November 2009</span>
Emerson Global Users Exchange<span> Orlando, Florida, 28th September – 2nd October 2009</span>
Integrated Operations Conference<span> Stavanger, Norway, 21-22nd April 2009</span>
SPE Digital Energy<span> Houston, Texas, 7-8th April 2009</span>
SPE Intelligent Fields Workshop<span> Bahrain, 22-24th February 2009</span>
Workshop on Midstream R&D Challenges<span> Abu Dhabi, 1-4th February 2009</span>
Integrated Operations, Science and Practice<span> Trondheim, Norway, 21-22nd October 2008</span>
SPE Intelligent Energy<span> Amsterdam, 25-27th February 2008</span>
Integrated Operations, Science and Practice<span> Trondheim, 2nd October 2007</span>
SPE Intelligent Energy<span> Amsterdam, 11-13th April 2006</span>