Digital Enablement and Remote Operations Benchmarking

Stepchange Global has developed a Digital Enablement and Remote Operations benchmarking approach that can be applied to all types of Digital Enablement and Remote Operations Benchmarkoperational assets, oil, gas and LNG, off- and on-shore, brownfield and greenfield. Using this approach, we can rate our clients’ assets against ‘industry average’ and industry best-in-class. We have a database of 80+ assets and projects of all types to which we can compare your asset. We have benchmarked assets operated by supermajors, regional majors, NOC’s and independents in all regions of the world.

Key Areas

Our approach compares assets in 7 key themes of Digital Enablement and Remote Operations, including:

  • Vision and strategy
  • Key operational processes
  • Base level Digital Technology Enablement (data access, storage, visualisation etc..) Of the operational processes
  • Advanced Digital Technology use (AI and models, digital twin, mobile worker, drones etc..)
  • People, training, coaching, competency and overcoming resistance to change
  • Organisational alignment, structures and governance and decision-making
  • Execution of the strategy

Maximise Value from Technology Spend

We are able to benchmark a single asset all the way up to global portfolio of assets and compare your assets against those of your peers. This process is quick and easy and requires a survey to be filled with some interviews to verify the information gathered. We provide feedback to you on your areas of strength and areas of opportunity which will allow you to target your resources most efficiently and maximise the value from your technology spend.