Collaborative Environment Design and Implementation

Collaborative working allows individuals, teams and companies to work seamlessly in real time, across geographical boundaries, in multi-disciplined teams enabled by shared situational awareness, to deliver against common goals and objectives.

Collaborative Working Environments (CWE) are where the data and information come together, where the analysis is done, the opportunities are identified and where the decisions are made with the field teams.  CWE’s are the visible change in the way of working and the focus of change management for business performance improvement.

Stepchange Global is the global leader in the design and implementation of collaborative working environments and expert support centres, making efficient use of increasingly scarce human resources.  Examples include: Integrated Operations Centres; Remote Operating Centres; Operations Support Centres; Drilling Support Centres; Expert Support Centres – 24/7.

For more information: Collaborative Environments and IOC

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Expert Team

The Stepchange Global team is built around the people that delivered the BP Advanced Collaborative Environment Programme.  Their experience includes the delivery of operations, drilling and expert centres in BP, BG Group, Statoil, Talisman, Santos, BHP Billiton and others.  They work globally, with centres implemented as far afield as the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Azerbaijan, Angola, Trinidad, Australia and Indonesia.  All the team members have an operations or functional background and as a team, have a strong track record for implementing a sustainable change in the way of working.

Collaborative Working Environment Health Check

Stepchange Global offer a ‘CWE health check’ to assess the performance of existing CWEs, in order to maximise the value from the CWE, ensure that the new way of working is fully embedded and sustained, and support plans to take your CWE to the next level of performance.