Artificial Lift and Production Optimization

Cost-control strategies and lessons learned to optimise production, ensure wells are performing at peak efficiency and reduce cost as much as possible.

Tony Edwards and Fred Clarke will be representing Stepchange Global at this prestigious event. Fred is chairing the whole event, and both he and Tony will be presenting.

Fred Clarke will be opening the event, chairing and moderating a multi-play, strategic level panel on the current status of the oil production climate in Western Canada, as well as a round table discussion on Artificial lift selection and application strategy later in the day.

Day two includes a presentation by Tony Edwards on Understanding the practical application of the Digital Oilfield to maximise operational efficiency and well site economics, covering:

  • Learn how the implementation of the digital oilfield can improve operational efficiency and economics of operations
  • Understanding the affordability of implementation – balancing run life improvement and cost concerns and integration with existing SCADA systems
  • Developing an effective minimal staffing strategy – optimizing production of several hundred wells in near real-time simultaneously