Tony Edwards, CEO will be chairing a panel at the Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference to be held in Houston on 30-31st May 2018.

With an estimated global value of $31 billion by 2020, the digital oilfield is the oil & gas industry’s hotbed of innovation. From drilling optimization to predictive maintenance, from AI to IoT, the Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference 2018 is the only event you need to attend to find out the latest in advanced solutions for getting the most out of your assets. For 2018 we are upping the ante with more new features to support the innovators, technologists and gamechangers driving the digital transformation, including:

Data collection, management and integration: Hear from the leaders in data management and how they are driving efficiency gains across operational units by improving data availability, utility and visualization
Data analytics and predictive maintenance: Wield new automated and and integrated systems to dramatically reduce downtime and OPEX at scale
E&P automation and control systems: Witness real time support technology, measurement and downhole edge capability innovation to improve well placement accuracy and minimize personnel exposure
Change management: Refine your operating model, optimize your business processes and learn about the latest enhancements to the human machine interface
Data driven drilling optimization: For the first time, Upstream Intelligence is partnering with SPE’s DSATS (Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section) to deliver a day-long session on drilling automation, robotics, technology and much more!

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