What Have we learned in the first 15 Years of Digital Oilfield? Online, from 16th August 2017.

Digital Oilfield (DOF) and Integrated Operations has been a major performance improvement initiative within many oil and gas companies for much of the last 15 years. It is therefore surprising to find that, although many companies have been successful, many continue to find it difficult to implement the change in the new way of working enabled by DOF.

This presentation offers generic insights and lessons learned into the skilled practice of the application of DOF drawn from experiences in several major oil and gas companies and explore a number of topics such as:  history and evolution of DOF; DOF/IO and Collaboration Environment naming conventions and others.  It will also cover key success factors and draw attention to some of the numerous pitfalls to be encountered along the way and end by highlighting some of the new challenges and opportunities in DOF.

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