SPE On Demand Webinar: Change Management and how to practically implement DOF/IO, recorded 14th September 2017 and available afterwards.

Great strides are being made in Digital Oilfield and Integrated Operations that promote new ways of working, the use of leading edge data and information technologies and new organizational models. Getting full value from the investment in IO, however, means a long-term, sustainable implementation, embraced by all stakeholders involved, and used in the appropriate way, not just for the first 3 months, but for the considerable future.

Implementing and sustaining change in organization takes time and effort and in this session we will explore the following areas:

  • People. Process and Organizational Change:
    • Practical Experience
  • Leadership
  • DOF and IO at low oil price
  • What can we learn from other industries
  • Career
    • Young Engineers: This is how you are going to be working; Career Advice; Reflections
  • Scaling of DOF across an organization
  • An example of where many of the learning’s have been implemented

We will summarize the key learnings in the area of change management as applied to the implementation of DOF and IO in oil and gas companies.

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This webinar is categorized under the Management and Information discipline.