The 11th Eurasia Mining and Investment Conference will be held on 27th November, under the general theme of “Sustainable Mining in Armenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan”.  The event is hosted by Simmons and Simmons at Ropemaker Street, in the City of London.

Tony Edwards will be presenting during the event, which caters to mining and metals companies, investors, financiers, government regulators, as well as service providers, attracting participants from the UK and overseas.

In response to the immense need for minerals and metals in strategic industrial ecosystems, the importance of sustainable and dependable sourcing of raw materials continues to rise globally. Relevantly underexplored mineral and metal resources of the Eurasian continent offer significant opportunities.  The Conference will serve as a stage for essential conversations regarding the role of the Eurasian mining industry in the supply of Critical Raw Materials and the Development of technological advances making mining less environmentally destructive.

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