Tony Edwards will be on the panel for the upcoming Future Energy Partners webinar, entitled “Britain Leading the way to Net Zero?” to be held on Wednesday, September 9th 2020.

Future Energy Partners will discuss how they can make a difference for your companies.

Here’s the facts to set the scene:

* In this quarter, 44.6% of power came from renewables and 29.1% from gas-fired plants. The remaining power came from nuclear (15.3%), imports (7.3%) and coal plants (3.7%).

* Large GHG emitters are:
– Power/electricity
– Agriculture
– Buildings
– Natural resource companies

* The world is well behind in reducing global emissions

The industrial revolution changed the world in the 18th century…reducing poverty, increasing mortality. The 21st century faces unprecedented uncertainty and a new revolution requiring selfless leadership.

Plant the tree of change and join our event…we need to all contribute to be a leader in being a climate change leader. Large scale and individual contributions matter.

Why Future Energy Partners and why now?

1) We have a long history in the oil and gas and technology business so we can discuss the challenges big oil and gas companies face
2) We have some ideas to offer that can get Britain to net zero by 2050
3) Everyone is talking but is anyone doing what needs to be done? Not enough.


1) Overview- Event Objective
2) China expert – The China perspective (15 minutes)
3) Ways of working expert – The technology opportunities (10 minutes)
4) Graham Scotton- The Oil & Gas perspective (10 minutes)
5) Q&A

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