Advanced Collaborative Environments in BP

A R Edwards, M Saunders (BP), K Moore-Cernoch (BP)


The Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) Programme is BP’s strategic deployment vehicle for the global implementation of ‘Real Time’ Production and Drilling Operations Support Environments. ACE’s are a key theme within BP’s FIELD OF THE FUTURE technology leadership area.

This paper will describe current operational environments in Stavanger, Aberdeen, Houston and Baku and then move on describe future plans for multi-asset support environments to support Deep Water GOM assets, Caspian assets, North Sea operations. It will also highlight the opportunity for the fully collaborative office environments in a number of new office locations within BP.

BP believes that there are five key elements for success when implementing Advanced Collaborative Environments:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Physical Environment
  • Organisation

The integration of these five elements is the key to a successful ACE implementation.

The paper will conclude with a summary of some of the key business benefits attained from the application of ACE’s with BP’s drilling and production operations.

1. Introduction

Real-Time data and its benefits will be fully exploited only if we adapt the way we work and take decisions in real-time. The aim of Advanced Collaborative Environments is to enable our decision makers to take important decisions in real-time.

Focusing on improved collaboration and decision making, the ACE Programme is really the engine room of FIELD OF THE FUTURE decision-making. The objective of the ACEs is to bring together the right information, to the right people, at the right time, and create real time and multidiscipline decision environments supporting drilling and production operations.

These environments will allow people to work collaboratively regardless of distance, making better decisions, faster, thereby enabling enhanced productivity and delivering operational performance improvements. ACE programme is a classic example of how digital enablers underpin the business and Advanced Collaborative Environments are a fundamental step in a journey to making BP a hyper-connected, highly visual, collaborative company.

The ACE Programme will bring significant value to BP through:

  • Better Operational site to office communication and multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Decision making timescales are shortened (“Better decisions faster??”) through the integration of real time data and information, technology, and operational work processes
  • Removal of personnel from harm’s way via remote working at support centres
  • Uniting two or more geographically dispersed teams

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