iValue, An Intelligent Energy Strategy For An Integrated Gas Major

A R Edwards, S Roberts (IBM)


This paper outlines the distinctive approach that has been taken by BG to the development and implementation of an “Intelligent Energy?? strategy that covers the entire gas value chain, and supports the company’s wider development plans.

The paper focuses on

  • The design and delivery of a capability or solution lead approach
  • A value driven implementation programme of work
  • Integrating across the gas value chain from E&P through LNG to Power, Transmission and Distribution

By reference to development plans and early progress examples will be given as to how implementation of these new concepts and technologies can be embedded and integrated into operating assets.

This paper will end by outlining the wider vision of where BG wants to move over the next 5 years to dovetail into and support the company’s wider cultural transformation programme.


iValue is BG’s Digital Oil Field Programme which has been running since the end of 2006 and aims to leverage the potential of new real time technologies and collaborative ways of working. However, it is not just about technology, it’s about developing capabilities and collaboration between disciplines, with suppliers, across business units, regions and locations.

What is iValue?

BG is unique amongst its peer companies because the iValue Programme is looking at the integration of the gas value chain from reservoir to customer, encompassing all segments of the business including E&P, LNG, Transport &Distribution and Power.

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