Implementing Drilling Centres in a High Pressure Environment

M Setrem, A R Edwards, K Clark, N J Gibson


As part of BG Group’s global iValue programme, BG has installed drilling focused real-time collaboration facilities (Drilling Integrated Collaborative Environment) for their current North Sea HPHT drilling schedule. The Drilling ICE (dICE) concept is one of the central elements of BG Group’s global iValue programme.

The focus of the dICE is to change the way the well engineering teams based onshore and offshore work together, to enable to the collective wealth of their experience to be used for the benefit of the drilling program.  The primary focus of the facilities is to improve the operating uptime and drilling efficiency through the identification and resolution of potential issues before they have the chance to become an actual operating problem.

BG Group’s pragmatic approach brought together both internal and external domain experts to design and implement the facilities using off-the-shelf components.  This group also examined and planned for the evolutionary changes to the drilling decision processes and workflows within the organisation.

The technology implementation to facilitate real-time data flows and decision processes for the dICE required collaboration between multiple vendor organizations. In addition, significant change management was necessary to enable the transition from old to new job roles and the decision processes within the facilities

A benefits realization framework has been implemented to track improvements in efficiency and operating uptime.

This paper is focused upon the BG Group approach to this project from a people, process and technology perspective and the benefits realised to date.


BG Group’s installation of a Drilling Centre in Aberdeen (figure 1) is a critical element in its iValue program and will provide the hub for an HPHT Centre of Excellence.  A fast follower approach of proven capabilities and technologies has been adopted which has streamlined the pilot evaluation programs.

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