Tony Edwards, CEO of Stepchange Global, will be speaking at the upcoming Future Oil and Gas conference, which will be taking place on 1-2nd December 2020. His presentation is entitled “How New Digitally Enabled Remote and Minimum Staffed Operating Models Are Transforming Oil & Gas Operations”.

The Future Oil & Gas conference and exhibition explores how digitalisation, disruption and innovation is shaping the upstream oil and gas industry. The event will analyse key challenges and opportunities facing the industry with focus on IoT, AI, machine learning, blockchain, energy transition, data analytics, cyber security and many other aspects of digital transformation.

What experts attending the event are saying about disruptive technology in oil and gas:

“Digital will continue to disrupt the whole E&P value chain as margins continue to shrink and prices continue to be volatile; no company has the luxury to leave money on the table by not using Digital to their advantage.”
Rodrigo Becerra Mizuna, Chief Information Officer (Business & Digital Transformation) & Corporate Vice President, Pemex.

“How we see digital in Total is not just a matter of getting ahead of the competition, it is a matter of survival.”
Thierry Adolph, Digital Officer Industry, Total.

“Data is the new oil, it is going to be the key ingredient in the fourth industrial revolution.”
Ruptesh Pattanayak, Director Industry Solutions – Manufacturing & Resources Sector (UK), Microsoft.

“We do see digital as the main area of transformation of our business. Cloud is the big gamechanger.”
Blaine Tookey, Technology Principal – Digital Innovation Organisation, BP.