= Tony Edwards, CEO, attended the recent SPE Digital Transformation event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The event was written up for Tn Petroleo:  https://www.flipsnack.com/tnpet/tn141-1niwislk9s/full-view.html 

It was my pleasure to attend the SPE Digital Transformation workshop held recently in Rio De Janeiro. It was notable for the high quality of the presentations and the excellent attendance especially by local operating companies such as Petrobras. Digital Transformation is a hot topic in upstream oil and gas and is seen as enabling the ESG agenda and the move to more efficient digitally enabled remote operations. The papers presented included excellent case studies from both operators and suppliers that crucially focussed on the Operational Change Management issues as well and the new data and information technologies that enable a move to a ‘new way of working’ in our industry.  It was an enjoyable two days and great to meet new people in the Oil and Gas Digital Community. It was a please to work with the SPE and the members of the organising committee to pull this ‘first post pandemic’ event together. I am very much looking forward to returning next year.