Organisational alignment of the structures and governance processes is vital to maximising the value from digital transformation.  True transformation cannot be achieved without considering organisational change.

Stepchange Global has wide experience in implementing digital technologies in operational organisations, and understands how to align all levels of the organisation.  We know how to implement real-time, multi-location, multi-discipline collaborative organisational changes.

This includes:

  • What the organisational options are for real-time working
  • What are the organisational and operational principles for a real-time global organisation?
  • How to make multi-discipline, real-time decisions
  • How to incentivise multi-discipline teams
  • How to align third parties to the new way of working via contractual incentivisation
  • Working to establish value chain optimised organisational alignment
  • Establishing measures, metrics and goals to meet business needs
  • How to remove traditional, organised siloes