people, managing change, operations, expertisePeople are the key to success in any transformation.

Digitally enabled transformation is the biggest change to the way of working for many generations.  Encouraging your people to change the way they have been working, many of them for decades, takes time, and expertise in this type of change.

Engaging people through every step of the transformation is absolutely critical.  It is important to remember:

That it is hard for people to change….people have feelings!
Treat people as people, not processes
To involve everyone in every step of the change
To ensure there is two-way engagement…to really listen
To communicate the change to the teams
To provide feedback on “how the change is landing”
To communicate effectively, purposefully, honestly and regularly
To focus on the goal of building trust with the end users and key stakeholders
Stepchange Global bring expertise from across functions and operations in different sectors, and are skilled in managing changes in the way people work,  building and encouraging teams, and empowering cross-disciplinary activities.  Part of the offering includes coaching and working with teams to maximise personal esteem as well as adding value to the organisations.