With today’s focus on unmanning or minimal manning and decreasing operational costs for remote offshore platforms, the use of “collaborative environments” ensures that operational issues can be solved with real-time information.

Collaboration centres make the best use of scarce resources by creating an operations hub where experts from a variety of disciplines can access information, troubleshoot, monitor, and optimize the oil and gas fields, all from a single location.

Intelligent Operation (IO) provides the perfect collaborative environment for communication, data collection, reporting, monitoring, and information sharing. These physical workspaces are intended to help people make better, more informed decisions in order to take the appropriate actions across the enterprise on time and in real time.  Opportunities can be prioritized, with the common goal of maintaining optimal, unbroken production.

Innovations in various collaborative technologies are helping companies make integrated operations a reality. Today’s collaboration centres provide not only a high-tech physical workspace, but a new way of operating. Access to a complete array of digital, real-time data linked with state-of-the-art technology facilitates the operations process and gives personnel the comfort level to make decisions quickly and intelligently.  This ability to make rapid, informed decisions will define efficient operations.