Strengthening the Feedstock of Incoming Talent for the Oil and Gas Industry

There are growing concerns among industry professionals and academia about the declining ambitions toward a career in the oil and gas industry by our younger generation. Data compiled by McKinsey and Company in 2018 ( show that over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has dropped from being the 14th most attractive industry among engineering and IT students down to 35th. The report also concluded, “Given the need for talent, it is critical for the O&G industry to deepen and diversify its pool.”

Before exploring how to attract top talent, we must determine what type of talent our industry needs today and into the future. In SPE’s online training course, “Introduction to the Digital Oilfield,” the renowned instructor Tony Edwards states that the digital revolution of our industry now requires “strong generalists who understand the value chain, the big picture, and also have great communication skills.” He further states, “If there was ever a need for a different workforce—a diverse workforce, the time is now.”

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