Tony Edwards of StepChange Global discusses how oil and gas operators are managing the use of data in operations, and how field workers and the control room are learning to trust each other more in this new digital age.

Capturing data in the oilfield is just one challenge for the age of the Digital Oilfield. Another significant issue is the culture change needed to bring all parts of the operation together to deliver on the potential value of all that data. In the second of a two-part series, Oil & Gas Engineering spoke with Tony Edwards, CEO of StepChange Global, a U.K.-based digital oilfield advisory and consultancy company focused on designing and integrating operation services, about the challenges in true integration of oilfield operations from a technology and a human perspective. Here are edited transcripts of that conversation:

OGE: In the last issue, we talked a lot about some of the technology enablers, we talked about some the cultural things and we’ll dip more into that, but why don’t we talk about how long integrated operations have been going on. Give us a brief history.

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