Stepchange Global is an Independent Consultancy, comprising a core team led by Tony Edwards, and a network of associates, drawn from all over the world.  All are experts in DOF and IO, and have functional or operational backgrounds, so can easily relate to your team in the field. Each Stepchange Global project calls upon the expertise required to fulfill client needs, creating a bespoke team for each individual set of activities.  Global Expertise for local projects.

Tony Edwards

CEO of Stepchange Global Ltd, Tony has extensive experience in the oil and gas exploration and production industry worldwide. Tony has a BA degree from Keele University in Geology and Chemistry, and a Doctorate in Metamorphic Petrology from the University of Manchester. He had a 17-year career with BP that spanned R&D through to frontline operations and project management. He was a founder member of BP’s Integrated Operations Program, Field of the Future, and was subsequently the global director for the Advanced Collaborative Environment Program. In January 2009 he co-founded Stepchange Global, a dedicated digital oilfield consultancy and advisory company.

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Expert Partnerships

Stepchange Global works with a number of partners, drawn from international expertise in their fields to bring specialisms to the industry.  For more information:

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