23 11, 2012

Finding Petroleum Kuala Lumpur, 23-25th November 2012

Tony Edwards, CEO at StepChange Global, was a panellist at several key conferences at the Finding Petroleum event in Kuala Lumpur held at the end of October. On the Wednesday Tony chaired the conference focusing on how companies could do more with drilling data.  The panel discussed ideas aimed at [...]

21 09, 2012

Leveraging Information for Group Decision Making CISR Briefing

April 2012 – Center for Information Systems Research / Working Smarter: Leveraging information for group decision making Anne Quaadgras, MIT Center for Information Systems Research and Tony Edwards, Director, Stepchange Global In a highly digitized world, making distributed group decisions quickly and effectively is increasingly important, as digitized information becomes [...]

20 07, 2012

GLNG in Aussie first with Monitoring Centre Gladstone LNG Gas Fields

SANTOS has opened what is Australia’s first operations centre that will provide real time streaming of its Gladstone LNG gas fields and infrastructure assets 24 hours per day The $A12 million GLNG Brisbane Operations Centre can monitor and control the production from gas fields, the pipeline network to Gladstone and [...]

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