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710, 2013

Santos integrates Intelligent Field with Transformative Operations Centre Changing how Gas Fields are operated


Stepchange Global are delighted to have been working with Santos on their new operations centre. Control rooms are adding a few new tasks to their job descriptions.  While they’ll always be responsible for process control and process safety, they’re now evolving into integrated operations centres, which are also responsible for [...]

2409, 2013

Santos to invest $10-$15 million Adelaide Cooper basin communications Link


ENERGY company Santos is investing $10-$15 million to build a communications network linking its Adelaide headquarters with upstream gas facilities in the Cooper Basin. It will be the third collaboration centre at the Flinders St office to improve liaison with Santos assets in the basin.  The gas collaboration centre will [...]

107, 2013

BHP Billiton IROC


Stepchange Global are delighted to be working with mining giant BHP Billiton on their new Integrated Remote Operations Centre (IROC). Officially opened in July, the centre in Perth provides a real-time view of the company's entire Pilbara iron ore operations, many located thousands of kilometres away.  The company hope it [...]

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