StepChange Global Digital and Integrated Operations glossary

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There are currently 59 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Drilling and Completions

Drilling and Measurements

Drilling and Workover (Aramco acronym)

Drilling Automation Real Time, a legacy real-time drilling data exchange initiative written using the CORBA standard, subsequently replaced by WITSML from Energistics, which uses the XML standard

DART Center
Drilling Automation & Remote Technology (DART) Center, a Shell acronym

Please see SPE technical paper 189602-MS for further technical details

(1) Distributed Acoustic Sensing

(2) Drilling Advisory System, as discussed in the SPE JPT herehere and here

Data analytics
Data analytics is the field of data analysis.  Analytics often involves studying past historic data to research potential trends, to analyse the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tool or scenario,  The goal of analytics is to improve the business by gaining knowledge which can be used to make imperovements or changes

Definition provided by Priori Analytica

Data lake
A data lake comprises a large collection of data from many disparate sources and systems, both within and outside an organisation

Data mining
Data mining is the methodology of discovering patterns in large data sets using (i) machine learning, (ii) statistical methods and (iii) disparate databases and storage systems

Drilling Command and Control (legacy Amoco acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 14732-MS for further technical details

Drilling and Completions Decision Support Center (Chevron acronym)

The DCDSC is presented in a youtube video here

Digitally connected operation centers (Schlumberger acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 197301-MS for further technical details

(1) Digital Centre of Expertise (BP and Shell acronym)
(2) Digital Centre of Excellence (Equinor acronym)

A distributed control system has many computerised control loops, where autonomous controllers are distributed throughout the system, but there is no central operator supervisory control

Directional Drilling

Digital Decision Assistant (Shell acronym)

See example SPE technical paper OTC-30488-MS for further technical details

Data Driven Asset Performance (Total acronym)

Data Driven Drilling and Production conference, as held in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK and Houston, Texas, USA


Drilling Execution Efficiency Platform (ConocoPhillips acronym)

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (i.e. Dev) and IT operations (i.e. Ops), which is complementary with Agile software development methods

Digital Field Worker (an Equinor acronym)

The Equinor Digital Field Worker concept is described in a youtube video here

Digital Innovation Centre (Gazprom Neft acronym)

Digital Energy
Digital Energy was the SPE brand for a biennial series of conferences held in Houston, Texas between 2007 and 2015

The SPE Digital Energy Conference technical papers are available via onepetro, for years 2007200920112013 and 2015

Digital Oilfield
Digital Oilfield is an overarching oil and gas industry term that describes the ongoing process of digital transformation of the global oil and gas industry.

Successful digital oilfield strategies consider (i) people. (ii) process (iii) technologies and (iv) organisation, or PPTO.  Management of change is also key.

Regarding digital oilfield technologies in oil and gas, examples include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML),  the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, remote and mobile connectivity as well as the cloud, all of which enable operator and service companies to aggregate, analyze and proactively respond in real-time , thereby improving and optimizing hydrocarbon productivity, proactively reducing operating costs and working to reduce the HSEQ risks associated with their remotely located oil and gas operations.

Digital twin
Digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world physical asset or infrastucture system and its processes

Digital twins are presented and discussed in the December 2019 issue of the SPE JPT.

DigitUP is the digitalization initiative of the OMV Upstream division

Drilling Information Management Center (Exxon acronym)

The DIMC was formerly known as the Drilling Data Center (DCC, a legacy Superior Oil acronym)

Drilling Key Performance Indicator (legacy Anadarko, now Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) acronym)

Deep Learning (Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 199584-MS for further technical details of their data analytics methods

Drilling Management Center (Gazprom Neft acronym)

Digital Oilfield

Digital Oilfield of the Future

Please see SPE technical paper 123096-MS for further technical details

The DOFF concept was introduced by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) in the c. 2001-2002 time frame

Digital Oil Field International Academic Conference, a biennial series of digital oilfield conferences held in China

Drilling Operations and Monitoring Centre (PETRONAS acronym)

See example SPE technical paper 180580-MS for further technical details


Drilling Cockpit
Drilling Cockpit is the OMV real time drilling support centre, where information about all of the OMV drill sites is gathered in one place.

This facility allows OMV to monitor every activity at every rig from a central location and give immediate feedback to the on-site team should any problem arise.

Drilling eXperts (Total acronym) is a strategic digital program aiming to deliver advanced real-time drilling data analytics to improve the safety and performance of the Total global drilling operations

As a specific use case example, Total present and discuss their DrillX kick prediction algorithm here

Drilling Real-Time Monitoring Center (ADNOC acronym)

Drilling Systems Automation

Please see SPE technical paper 163412-MS for further technical details

(i) Decision Support Center (Chevron acronym) (ii) Drilling Support Center (TNK-BP acronym) and (iii) Drilling Support Center (Gazprom Neft acronym)

For the Chevron DSC acronym, please see SPE technical paper SPE-196297-MS for further technical details

For the TNK-BP DSC acronym, please see SPE technical paper SPE-160501-MS for further technical details

The Gazprom Neft DSC is described here

Data Science and Digital Engineering in Upstream Oil and Gas (DSDE) is an online publication from the SPE that presents the evolving landscape of data management in the oil and gas industry.

Drill Site Manager (Chevron acronym)

Drilled but uncompleted

Data Visualization Center (Veritas acronym)

For further details, please see SPE-56838-OGER

Data Validation and Recognition (Total acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 112517-MS for further technical details

DW (or DWH)
A Data Warehouse is a central repository of integrated data from one or more disparate sources, with further capabilities for (i) reporting and (ii) data analysis.

DW (or DWH) is a core component of business intelligence (BI).

Deepwater Exploration and Production (Chevron acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 117432-MS for further technical details

Drilling & Wells Improvement Program (or … Deepwater Improvement Process) (Total acronym)

(1) Drill Well On Paper, a preplanning well construction process performed before spudding and drilling a wellbore

(2) Deepwater Operations Plan. a document required by the BSEE that provides sufficient information to review the deepwater development project from a “total system” approach, emphasizing operational safety and environmental protection