StepChange Global Digital and Integrated Operations glossary

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There are currently 24 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Plug and Abandon

Panorama Digital Command Center
Panorama Digital Command Center, an ADNOC Integrated Operations facility located in the United Arab Emirates

The Panorama Digital Command Center is featured on video here

Primary Control Center (Santos Ltd acronym)

Predictive Drilling Analytics (Total (formerly Maersk Oil) acronym)

ProDuction Center (ConocoPhillips acronym)

Proximity Detection System is defined by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) as a "technology that can stop machine motion and/or send a warning signal to the machine operator when it detects a person or object in the machine’s path"

There are three types of proximity detection:
(1) PVD – Person to Vehicle Detection
(2) VVD – Vehicle to Vehicle Detection
(3) IVD – Infrastructure or Plant to Vehicle Detection

Production Historian Database (OMV acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 176485-MS for further technical details

PETRONAS Integrated And Real-time Operations (PETRONAS acronym)

PINTAR is described in the PETRONAS presentations at POSC  (i) here and (ii) here

Pipe Line Control Center (Chevron acronym)

The Chevron PLCC is described here

Project Management Centre (Gazprom Neft acronym)

The BP Plant Operations Advisor analyses more than 150 million data points in real time across 1,200 mission-critical pieces of equipment.

(i) Performance Optimization Center (Shell acronym)

(ii) Production Optimization Centre (a ConocoPhillips acronym)

Production Optimisation Group (Equinor acronym)

People, Process, Technology and Organization

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics includes a wide variety of mathematical and statistical techniques such as (i) data mining, (ii) modelling and (iii) machine learning, to analyze real-time, dynamic and static structured and unstructured datasets, in order to make predictions

Priori Analytica defines predictive analytics as the branch of the advanced analyics which is used to make predictions about unknown future events

Prescriptive analytics
Prescriptive analytics is defined by Priori Analytica as the area of analytics dedicated to finding the best course of action for a given situation

Prescriptive analytics is related to both descriptive and predictive analytics

Permanent reservoir monitoring (an Equinor acronym)

See example SPE technical paper OTC-30525-MS for further technical details

PRODuction xML , an Energistics data standard  

PETRONAS Real Time Visualization Center (PETRONAS acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper OTC-26858-MS for further technical details

pressure while drilling