StepChange Global Digital and Integrated Operations glossary

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There are currently 24 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.

Synthetic aperture radar is used to detect and delineate spatial properties such as (e.g.) regional subsurface geology or oil spills

SAR use in oil and gas operations is discussed in the SPE JPT here as well as in SPE technical paper OTC-29115-MS

SAR use in monitoring mining subsidence is presented in a technical paper here

Remote Control Rooms (Petrobras acronym, from Portuguese)

Slide Drilling Guidance System (legacy Anadarko, now Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 194096-MS for further technical details

Please also see the SPE JPT article here

Smart Drilling Optimization Monitoring Centre (PETRONAS acronym)

See example SPE technical paper 180580-MS for further technical details

Seabed hosted vehicle, a subsea inspection and support solution supported using seabed docking stations

Simultaneous Operations

Situational Awareness

Smart Fields
Smart Fields a Shell digital oilfield initiative

The Shell Smart Fields initiative is described here, and in the various SPE technical papers listed here

Smart Wells
Smart Wells (Shell terminology)

The Shell Smart Wells initiative is described here

Smart Metering Room (Total acronym)

Smart Mobile Worker (Shell acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 181083-MS for further technical details

SOIL is a fully managed high-performance communications network hub in operation in the North Sea

Spot is the brand name for a mobile robot from Boston Dynamics that can navigate varied gradient terrain (e.g. stairs), thereby enabling the automation of routine inspection tasks and data capture

BPs use of Spot is described here

AkerBPs use of Spot is described here and is seen in a video here

Stand pipe pressure

Subsurface Support Centre (Equinor acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 123218-MS for further technical details

Science & Technology Centre (Gazprom Neft acronym)

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Please see SPE technical paper OTC-24640-MS for further technical details