StepChange Global Digital and Integrated Operations glossary

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There are currently 9 names in this directory beginning with the letter U.
An unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV is also known as a drone and is used in oil and gas as well as mining operations to access and gather data from remote and difficult locations

Chevrons use of UAVs in their global O&G operations is described here

BHPs use of UAVs in their global mining operations is described here

Underbalanced Drilling

Upstream Control Center (Gazpromneft-Khantos acronym)

Unmanned ground vehicle, used in underground mining to traverse and 3D map mine tunnels

Upstream Production Control Centre (Gazprom Neft acronym)

Upstream Professional Development Center (Saudi Aramco acronym)

See example SPE technical paper 145235-MS for further technical details

Unmanned surface vehicles (also known as unmanned surface vessels) are boats that operate on the surface of the water without a crew

Please see SPE technical paper OTC-30894-MS for further technical details