StepChange Global Digital and Integrated Operations glossary

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There are currently 40 names in this directory beginning with the letter I.
Intelligent Field, or i-Field,  a (i)  Chevron digital oilfield initiative and (ii) Saudi Aramco digital oilfield initiative

(i)  The Chevron i-Field strategy is presented in example SPE technical papers, see  99548-MS, 112260-MS, 140640-MS for further technical details

(ii) The Saudi Aramco i-Field strategy is presented in example SPE technical papers, see 112201-MS, 112216-MS, 123540-MS, 128837-MS, 129706-MS for further technical details

Integrated asset modelling is the computer modelling of both the subsurface and the surface elements of a field development.

Integrated Collaboration Environment (BG Group acronym)

Please see SPE technical papers 112121-MS and 128413-MS for further technical details

Industrial control system

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) implementation of ICS is described in SPE paper 198089-MS

Influx Detection At Pumps Stopped (Shell acronym)

See example SPE technical paper 178821-PA  for further technical details

Intelligent Drilling Advisory System

Please see SPE technical paper IPTC-19269-MS for further technical details

International Digital Oilfield Conference

Integrated Data Warehouse (ConocoPhillips acronym)

Integrated Exception Management system (Chevron acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 196494-MS for further technical details

Intelligent Field Center (Saudi Aramco acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 128469-MS for further technical details


Integrated Information Environment is the Gazprom Corporate Data Bank based on key performance indicators.

Invisible Lost Time

Intelligent Energy
Intelligent Energy was the SPE brand for a biennial series of European and Middle East conferences held between 2006 and 2016

The SPE Intelligent Energy Conference technical papers are available via onepetro, for years 20062008201020122014, and 2016

Intelligent Oilfield
To learn more about the Intelligent Oilfield concept, please see SPE technical papers 110729-MS and 156117-MS for further technical details

Integrated Operations, the Norwegian term for Digital Oilfield

Please see the Center for Integrated Operations website for more details

IOC can mean (i) Integrated Operations Center (Equinor acronym)

... or ... (ii) International Oil Company

Integrated Optimisation Decision Support Center (Chevron acronym)

Please see SPE technical paper 196494-MS for further technical details

Integrated Operations of the Future (ConocoPhillips acronym)

integrated production management, based on the definition of an IPM architecture (IPMA)

Please see SPE technical paper 144334-MS and the SPE JPT article here for further technical details

Integrated Remote Operations Centre (BHP acronym)

The BHP IROC is outlined here

The International Society of Automation ISA99 committee will establish standards, recommended practices, technical reports, and related information that will define procedures for implementing electronically secure manufacturing and control systems and security practices and assessing electronic security performance

See example SPE technical paper 167848-MS for further technical details of an ISA99 compliant architecture for real-time drilling

iScope is the name for Shell's Virtual Reality (VR) Centre, which is located at Rijswijk in the Netherlands

Integrated Surveillance Information System (BP acronym)

See example SPE technical paper 122676-MS for further technical details

ISO 11064
ISO 11064 , the ISO standard for the  ergonomic design of control centres

ISO 16530
ISO 16530, the ISO standard for well integrity

ISO/TS 17969
ISO/TS 17969 , the ISO guidelines on competency management for well operations personnel

Information Technology

Information Technology and Systems (BP acronym)

iValue, a legacy BG Group digital oilfield initiative

See example SPE technical paper 112122-MS for further technical details

IWD (aka DWF)
Integrated Well Delivery (a Saudi Aramco acronym)

NB also known as Digital Well Factory

See example SPE technical paper IPTC-20114 for further technical details